Georgia Red Cross

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How we help

  • We help community population to be prepared for natural disasters;
  • We support local authorities and relevant structures to respond to the natural disasters;
  • We support community population and often act as a first responders during disaster through our well trained and equipped volunteers;
  • During natural disasters and the conflict situations we help affected population with food and non-food items;
  • We fight against stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS and TB through informational educational work;
  • We strengthen TB treatment adherence through psychological support and informational educational work target TB patients and their family members in Tbilisi and conducting ACSM (advocacy, communication and social mobilization) activities to support TB Control in Georgia;
  • We contribute to increasing blood supply and a share of voluntary non - remunerated blood donation countrywide by promoting the voluntary non-remunerated blood donation among the youth through the Red Cross volunteer team;
  • We limit the impact from disasters, daily accidents, diseases and public health emergencies through providing First Aid education and direct assistance to communities;
  • We care for the wellbeing of elder people, their strengthening and protecting their rights.

Your valuable help can support more than 100,000 older people throughout the country.